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Unknown gorges in Goudouras – Kapsa

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In the area of Goudouras village, 12km east form Makrigialos village, southeast Crete, you can find several small and unknown gorges:

Pefki folklore museum

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At the highest place of the village, next to the old school (which is not active any more) in a wonderfully kept building logdes the folklore museum of Pefki. The folklore museum was founded after proposal of Mr MihalisRead more

Elena Beach

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This beach is 100m. western than Pigadi Beach and the access to it is just as adventurous as the access to Pigadi Beach. The road passes through the tavern Elena descending to the beach by concrete steps. This beachRead more

Rousso Haraki Cave

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The cave called Rousso Haraki (means red stone) is at the bottom of a scenery bluff and is used as a stockyard. The cave is located 2.5km east of the traditional village of Pefki and 10km from Makrigialos, southeastRead more

Vreiko Cave

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Vreiko Cave is located 5kms north from Pefki settlement and almost 12 kms far from the touristic resort of Makri Gialos. Nowadays the cave is easily approachable because of the new, but narrow, asphalted road. At the end ofRead more

Pigadi Beach

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Shortly after Koutsounari settlement, 16 km east of Ierapetra and 41km southwest from Sitia, between Elena beach and Agia Fotia beach, there is also a small hidden beach called Pigadi (Well), because of a steep cliff that exists onRead more
West Hidden Galini Beach

Galini Beach

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Galini is located 47km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 13km east of Ierapetra. It is a small village, slightly developed, which is built in a lush landscape with pine trees. The coast around the village is full of hiddenRead more

Agia Fotia Beach

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Agia Fotia Beach in Makri Gialos region: A famous and small touristic summer resort at the southern coastline (Libyan Sea) between Makri Gialos and Ierapetra. The beach is beside the central road of Ierapetra – Sitia and very easyRead more

Achlia Beach in Makrigialos

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Achlia Beach in Makrigialos region: It is a touristic resort at the coast of Libyan Sea. The area between Makri Gialos and Agia Fotia is rocky and there are just few sandy beaches. Most of them are surrounded byRead more

Mavros Kolimbos Beach

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Mavros Kolimbos is a tiny village and a beach (village is a large word to describe it) on the south east coast of the island of Crete between Makrigialos and Achlia Beach, a little east of the town ofRead more

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